Tuesday 28 May 2024


Rifugio Camparient is located in Via della Chiesa, 4, directly on the ski slopes, 200 m from the chairlift Scopello-Mera down along the road in the direction of the church.

How to reach us


 by chairlift if the arrival is no later than 6 PM (also available a single trip at 8 PM). By choosing this option, the car must be parked in the parking lot in Scopello, adjacent the Mera-Scopello chairlift, upon the arrival in Mera, the refuge will provide free transport of guests and luggages by snowmobile.

 by snowmobile taxi paid service from the Alpe Trogo high altitude parking lot.

In either case, we recommend to advise the refuge with the time of arrival to facilitate the organization and avoiding any waiting time.


 by car up to the parking at the top of Alpe di Mera, if in possession of the permission to the limited area it is possible to reach the hotel directly.

 by charlift from Scopello (22 minutes): from 9,00 at 18,00.



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