Tuesday 18 Jun 2024
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RESTAURANT "Camparient"


“We ate dinner early so that later, when the kids were playing with the other children, my wife and I could enjoy a little 'intimacy enjoying the homemade desserts then drinking a good glass of wine"”.


The Camparient restaurant, a reference point of catering to the Alpe di Mera, is open to all and can accommodate up to 120 guests.

The rustic of the wood in an alpine style with the elegance of the velvet upholstery and the refinement of the seats, confer it a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The panoramic dining is structured to accommodate couples, families and groups, ensuring the customers with companionship and intimacy at the same time. It is also available the “Cups” reserved dining room for group dinners.


The culinary offer

A healthy cuisine, cared for, and based on the availability of fresh seasonal products, offering the most delicious recipes of the local, regional and Italian cuisine.

Authenticity, creativity and a meticulous selection of raw materials are our strengths for the composition of the menu.

Upon reservation we organize "Theme dinners" characterized by the great classics of the Alpine tradition: Raclette, Fondue, Bouguignonne, Chinoise, Pierrade and our Piedmontese Bagna Cauda.


The specialties that can be enjoyed have been researched and selected to provide the best quality of Valsesia, Valtellina and Alpine mountain cuisine.

The "menu of the skier" offers a wide selection of appetizers, hearty first courses, succulent second courses and tasty homemade cakes, to enjoy a refreshing but at the same time fast meal. Also available is a special menu for children.

Upon booking you can organize lunches for small and large groups to delight ski races, snow days, business meetings, events and gatherings.



water makes blight and wine sing"

                                               old popular saying

The tradition and the family passion for oenology are the secret behind our cellar. A thorough search in order to select those that are the wines that fascinate us more.

The philosophy is to learn match the flavors of our cuisine to the most suitable wines from all regions of Ital, especially emphasizing the excellent local wines. 


What could be better after a pleasant day outdoors, a lavish dinner and a nice bottle of wine with friends?

For the people of the mountains, this is the main meal of the day, to savor and enjoy by taking the right amount of time to be able to appreciate the conviviality.

The secret of our kitchen: a different menu every day, use of fresh and high quality ingredients and food preparation at the moment.


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