Sunday 14 Jul 2024
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“at any time of the day you always meet different people to chat with”

A meeting place for hotel guests and friends of the Alpe: open all day, is the ideal place to meet and spend some time with pleasant conversations, to refresh and rest after the open air activity.

The environment, completely renovated into a cozy mountain style, is decorated with rustic wood of larch and pine, warm fabrics and paintings on a theme.


Breakfast and afternoon snack


In the mountains you fuel up: wide selection of croissants, stuffed panini or homemade cakes served with excellent coffee products.

Afternoon Snack

A quiet moment to recover strength: hot chocolate, biscuits and sweets, cakes and a wide selection of teas.

Happy Hour

Appetite comes with eating: delicious and tasty homemade snacks to accompany a wide selection of wines by the glass and drinks.

After dinner

Before going to bed try a cleansing brew among the fanciful combinations of the herbal teas selected.

Shot and long drinks will make the evening more cheerful and pleasant to the revelers.

The Grappas, Bitters and Spirits

After dinner, you can not miss a good digestive and the wide selection of bitters and liqueurs will satisfy the tastes of every guest. They range from a wide variety of grappas Mazzetti d'Altavilla, Berta, Nonino, Poli and Roner until reaching a wide selection of classic and aged whiskey for the most sophisticated palates.

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